About Sapient

Sapient is an expert in business process management focused on the logistics industry using simple methodology to implement and manage all back-end functions including cargo bookings, bills of lading data entry, invoicing and accounts receivable & payables and more. Based in Malaysia and branch office in Karachi, Sapient partners with logistics companies across the globe to manage the support activities to help them focus more on their core competencies to achieve higher revenue growth.


Sapient provides simple, consistent, and affordable business process outsourcing services to logistics companies around the world, and aspires to become the BPO provider of choice for the small and medium companies

What We Do

What we do: Business process outsourcing, back-office functions like data entry, sales invoices for your client, supplier invoices, follow up for receivable payment, making payments to the suppliers, statement, milestones tracking and exception management, reporting and KPI management & other support services.

What’s in it for you as a business: free up your existing resources to focus on more important tasks, transfer of repetitive work ultimately saving your costs, 20-30% increase in your productivity.


Understanding the current process, finding the gaps, creating simple SOPs to transfer the knowledge and practices, process mapping, 1 month trial run, learn the area of improvements to fine tune the process.


Continuous monitoring of the work, internal KPIs to evaluate the performance, weekly and monthly meetings with the clients to measure productivity and process success.

Data security

Secure communication channels, legal and nondisclosure agreements with the clients as well as the team to avoid any data breach.

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Fawad Account Manager

Sapient has successfully helped us in gaining cost advantage as well as focus on our core tasks by taking over our documentation for bills of lading, invoicing and vendor payments. We are now working with them to further enhance our data management, customer service and bookings. We are very satisfied with them for the quality and benefits we get out of the initiative. The team is very good.

Sikandar Director – Client Operations

Working with Sapient has provided us with a much-needed "extra set of hands" as our data managers and quality assurance professionals to ensure our documentation is picture perfect. The work they do is very critical for our success and after the full implementation, the quality has increased many folds and has taken away our stress. We highly recommend Sapient for the data management work.

Nur Client Operations

We are coming up on 2 years with Sapient as our BPO for our air and ocean freight business. All of us here at Dexlo are quite happy with the work they are doing for us. We don’t have to worry about our deadlines, quality of documents / invoices. Now we are going to the next level by adapting some automation for the tasks using our system so we can minimize further costs and streamline our work even more.